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OR/ORSO Guidelines Index

Last Update Title of Documents View 
1 5/24/11 Proposal Review, Processing and Submission. PDF
2 03/02/17 Budget Assistance Information for Preparing Sponsored Program Proposals PDF
  7/24/17 Budget Workbook - WSU Budget Templates, NIH Modular Budget, Benefits Calculator and GRA Matrices XLS
  3/24/08 DOD FY 2008 Appropriations Bill on Indirect Costs: WSU Guidance PDF
3 05/29/15 Grant Transfers PDF
06/12/15 NIH Grant Transfer Quick Reference Guide PDF
4 1/03/08 Quick Guide for Processing Private Gifts and Private Grants PDF
5 1/08/08 1995 Greg Sheridan Sponsored Projects and Gifts Guidelines Memo PDF
6 6/15/17 NIH Electronic Progress Report Guide PDF
7 3/17/15 Sponsored Project Subcontracting PDF
4/25/17 WSU Subrecipient Monitoring Plan DOCX
8 1/22/16

Faculty and Researcher Guidance on Training and Mentoring Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Postdoctoral Researchers in the Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RCR)


9 11/15/05 A Guide to Working with Industry Research Agreements with Washington State University PDF
10 4/22/11 Data Management Plans: Resources for WSU Researchers PDF
11 7/01/90 Conditions Under Which WSU Would Accept Fellowships without Indirect Costs HTML PDF
12 5/06/08 NIH Public Access Policy PDF
Reserved for Pending Guideline
Reserved for Pending Guideline
15 05/05/16 Cannabis Research, Teaching, and Outreach Activities PDF
16 11/29/16 Faculty Resource Guide for Washington Public Records Requests PDF
17   Available Doc. Number  
18 6/01/92 Guidelines on the Administration of Ethyl Alcohol in Human Experimentation HTML PDF
19   Available Doc. Number  
20 3/3/17 Management of WSU Core Facilities PDF
21 8/01/01 Excess Compensation HTML
22 08/28/13 Distinguishing Between Subcontracts, Personal Services Contracts, and Purchased Services PDF
23 1/05 Processing Materials Transfer Agreements On-line form (click here) PDF
  Available Doc. Number  
25   Available Doc. Number  
26   Processing Non-Disclosure Agreements PDF
27 6/27/08 Export Controls PDF
28   Characteristics of Fixed price agreements and Cost-reimbursable agreements PDF
29   Available Doc. Number  
30   The Need for REX Forms Related to the Submission of Pre-proposals PDF
31   Available Doc. Number  
32   Standard NIH Proposal Receipt Dates PDF
34   Quickguide to NSF Fastlane PDF
35   Available Doc. Number  
36   Available Doc. Number  
Vice Provost for Research Guidance Documents - Office of Research
4/8/05 Data Management and Laboratory Notebooks PDF
1/14/06 Limited Submission Grant Proposal Agency Definitions for "University Systems" PDF
Under Review Washington State University Research Compliance Program  
Other Important Guidance Documents
7/30/12 Defence Base Act Information PDF

COGR: Restrictions on Research Awards: Troublesome Clauses 2007/2008

AAU/COGR Release Report on Restrictive DOD and Other Agency Contract Clauses

Secretary of Defense Memo on Fundamental Research 2010




National Policy on the Transfer of Scientific, Technical and Engineering Information (NSDD 189)
  Outside Consulting Agreements: "Things to Consider" (Provides Faculty Guidance) LINK
8-19-13 (original)
12-26-14 (updated)
Full-Time and Fully Soft-Funded Investigators Submitting Proposals FAQ PDF


December 2013 Responsible Conduct of Research Update


Crowdfunding Guidelines

Crowdfunding Flowchart




2/27/15 Per the WSU Multi-Campus Administrative Systems and Operations Task Force under Provost Bernardo - "One University Geographically Dispersed" document PDF
5/1/17 Guiding Memo on "Best Practices for Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration" PDF
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