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Working with Foreign Entities or Persons

Due to increased collaborations between WSU and foreign entities/persons, it is necessary to assist principal investigators and the general research community in understanding the issues that surround international collaborations.

Below are helpful links and guidelines for departments and individuals which will assist in initiating an international collaboration:

  1. Is the foreign entity and/or person with whom you are working controlled, sanctioned, embargoed or banned?
  2. How should a budget be prepared when foreign entities are involved?
  3. Are you traveling to another country for work on a project?
  4. Are individuals from another country coming to WSU/United States to work?
  5. Are you working with Animals or Humans in another country?
  6. Export Controls Memorandum and FAQs
  7. Fraud Indicators Guide: Learn about some "red flags" that auditors and agents look for when working with foreign entities.


Related Links:

- Business Policies and Procedures Manual Topics of Interests for International Projects:

- Society of Research Administrators Checklist for International Contracts

- Society of Research Administrators website:

- Anti Bribery Laws you should know about

- WSU International Programs

Some helpful connections here at WSU:

- Office of Research Support and Operations Contacts:

  • Diane Rathbun, Grant and Contract Supervisor
    • Phone: 509-335-9670

- International Programs Contacts:

- Research Administrators whom have dealt with Foreign Entities:

- Faculty whom have worked with foreign entities:

  • Brandon Sitzmann, Director, International Research & Development
    • Phone: 509-335-2984

Other Universities that work with International Agencies:

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