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    Proposal Submission by WSUF, as a Non-Profit, Required

    WSUF is the fundraising arm of WSU and is classified as a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. At times, there are non-federal (private foundations or corporations) sponsors that require grant proposals be submitted by a 501 (c)(3) type organization. However, many of these sponsors allow WSU, with its not-for-profit/state agency status, to submit the proposal because it is similar in legal status to a non-profit. Therefore, upon receipt or notification of a proposal submission to such a sponsor, the Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) will contact the sponsor and confirm if WSU can submit the proposal or if a 501 (c)(3) is truly required. If it is determined that the proposal must be routed through WSUF, the PI should follow the normal procedures by sending the proposal to ORSO for WSU approval, with WSUF noted as the sponsor on the REX form. The proposal will then be sent to the WSU Foundation for review, approval, and submission by the WSU Foundation to the non-federal sponsor. The following is a current list of non-federal sponsors that REQUIRE proposals be submitted by WSUF:

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